Overview of Proposed Changes

We are committed to openness and increasing the amount of information available to the public. We want to deliver client-focused service to Yukoners, while protecting their right to privacy.

As a result of your feedback to our 2018 survey, we are creating a new, more modern ATIPP Act to deliver on these commitments. The new Act is based on the existing core principles of transparency, protection of privacy, and accountability.

Along with your feedback, development of the new Act was also guided by the Information and Privacy Commissioner's review of the ATIPP Act, Yukon government staff experiences and legislation in other jurisdictions.

Here are the nine key changes being incorporated.

Principle: Transparency

  1. Mandate proactive publication of certain types of information.

    Why? We aim to improve government transparency and reduce 'red tape'. This change will make more information available, without having to submit an access to information request.
  1. Repeal the changes made to the ATIPP Act in 2012 that expanded exceptions and made less information available.

    Why? Government can be more open and transparent.
  1. Change the access to information fee structure to a set hourly rate with no charges for pages.

    Why? The new approach to charging fees will make requests more affordable, consistent and easier to access information.

Principle: Protection of Privacy

  1. Strengthen privacy management by requiring public bodies to assess and build privacy and protection into our programs, services and systems.

    Why? The proposed changes will strengthen the protection of Yukoners' personal information.
  1. Enable client-controlled sharing of personal information with strict controls.

    Why? Allowing individuals to control how their information is shared - and only have to tell government once about any changes or updates - will improve service delivery while still protecting privacy.
  1. Enable well-defined, vetted and controlled services to share information between public bodies and partner agencies to collaborate and enhance service delivery for clients.

    Why? This will create coordinated, seamless service delivery for clients, that should improve outcomes over time.

Principle: Accountability

  1. Evolve the role of the Records Manager in the ATIPP office.

    Why? A centralized oversight position will ensure consistency in the application of the Act and improve the quality of government services.
  1. Expand the role of the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC)

    Why? Providing the IPC with additional powers will allow for a more efficient, consistent application of the Act.
  1. Clearly define Public Bodies within the scope of the Act.

    Why? A clear definition of public body and criteria will ensure consistent application of the Act. Clarifying the scope of whom the Act applies to is meant to ensure that bodies who serve public functions, and which gather and hold personal information are held to the same standards for protecting and providing access to information.

Download the What we heard document here: PDF